- Retaining Walls -

A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil, when there is a desired change in ground elevation that exceeds the angle of repose of the soil. Building a structurally sound retaining wall is more complex than you may think, and is not simply a matter of stacking stone bricks on top of each other. Utilizing the laws of physics and techniques used by civil engineers, let our experts simplify your lawn or garden experience. We can build a wide variety of walls to suit your needs!


 - Irrigation Systems -

We install premium Matched Precipitation systems, proudly featuring Hunter Irrigation parts and Flint and Walling pumps.  "Matched Pre-cip" systems provide more efficient and even water delivery to your lawn. This is more ecologically friendly and also reduces your water bill.  Being both a lawn care and landscaping company we have the integrated ability to install a system in conjunction with a new landscaping project in addition to its use for fully renovating existing lawns.  As a part of our normal routine after a system is installed, we fill in low spots, de-thatch and/or aerate and then over-seed the lawn; we then continually monitor the site and adjust the irrigation settings.

Looking to start fresh with brand new seed? Finished a landscape project and now have more lawn that needs sod? Built a new house? Whatever the reason for needing a new lawn, our experts will take great care to make sure you have that fresh, green carpet ready in no time. We offer traditional seeding, slit seeding, and sodding.  

Seeding - Our recommended process of new lawn installation

  • half the cost of sod

  • many wonderful seed blends available for any type of condition

  • grass seed can be applied by drop spreaders or hydro-seeding equipment or a combination of both


Sodding - when you need that instant, new-lawn look.

  • twice the cost of seeding

  • highly perishable - must be put down immediately

  • requires 2 weeks of concentrated heavy watering after installation to ensure its success

 - Patios and Firepits -

Patios, fire pits, or combinations thereof - we do it all! Tired of huddling around your store-bought fire pit sitting on your lawn? Looking for that next-level addition to make your backyard the go-to hangout spot in your neighborhood? Whatever you envision, our experts can turn into a reality. No job is to big or too small. Just give us a call and we’ll meet you for a free estimate.


 - Plantings - 

From seasonal installation of annuals to the full tear-out and replacement of old and overgrown shrubs, we can revamp your gardens. We also offer mulching and other services in order to bring your gardens to their greatest potential.

 - Tree Removal - 

We offer a full suite of tree work.  We do anything from simple brush removal to full top-down tree removal. Again, an advantage of being a lawn care and landscaping company is that we are able to offer integrated turf renovation after the tree is removed.


 - Hunting / Woods / Trails -

In the fall we offer maintenance services for hunting land, woodland food plots and trails. We also install trails and food plots.