The Ultimate Package

The no holds barred, we do it all, worry-free lawn care package! We will handle all of the services below while you relax.

Package Includes a minimum of:

  • Spring and fall clean-ups – Removal of leaves from lawn and gardens once in the Spring and as needed in the Fall.

  • Dethatching – Removal of thatch from lawn. Done once in the Spring.

  • Aerating – Allows more air to the root zone as well as reducing soil compaction. Done once in the Fall.

  • Shrub trimming – Twice to three times per year depending on conditions.

  • Fertilizer and weed control – Five to seven applications of high grade fertilizer and weed control to lawn. Spring through Fall.

  • Mowing – Weekly mowing using the highest grade equipment. Through the entire Summer season.

  • Edging – As needed along concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios.

  • Garden and weed control – Pre and post emergence garden bed weed control.

  • Tree trimming – Trimming the lower branches of your trees so they stay out of the way.

  • Garden mulching – Top dressing mulch in garden beds (if applicable).

  • Over-seeding – Lawn over-seeding to thicken lawn.

       …this package is frequently tailored to each individual lawn to maximize results.